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  • Is Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Investing A Scam? Legal Experts Offer Clarity Sat, 20 Jan 2018 07:00:04 -0500
    Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, has a serious reputation problem. Many people still associate these digital currencies with black markets, scams and other criminal activities. When the online loan marketplace LendEDU asked 786 Americans last September if it is illegal to own bitcoin in the United States, more than 47 percent were unsure.
  • Investing In Cryptocurrency: 2 Blockchain ETFs Launch Sat, 20 Jan 2018 07:00:02 -0500
    This article originally appeared in Motley Fool.
  • Delta Air Lines Will Need Certification Of Pet’s Behavior, New Regulations State Sat, 20 Jan 2018 00:35:37 -0500
    Delta Air Lines will soon ask for more information about the service and emotional support animals travelling with passengers, before deciding whether the pet can fly with its owner. According to a report released on the airline’s website, the above decision was taken due to low levels of regulations which had resulted in serious safety risks for the passengers involving untrained pets traveling on the flight. 
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Maker Ledger Raises $75 Million Fri, 19 Jan 2018 10:16:47 -0500
    Parisian entrepreneur Eric Larchevêque, CEO of the cryptocurrency wallet maker Ledger, is having a great week. By Monday, the four-year-old startup had sold more than one million hardware wallets. The company also raised $75 million this week in a Series B funding round led by firms associated with billionaire Tim Draper.
  • Facts To Know About Cryptocurrency Fri, 19 Jan 2018 06:10:02 -0500
    This article originally appeared in Motley Fool. Historically, no asset has been a greater creator of long-term wealth than the stock market. Over time, stocks have generated a 7% annualized return, inclusive of dividend reinvestment and adjusted for inflation. This suggests an investor could double their money about once every decade, which is pretty impressive.
  • What's The Newest Cryptocurrency Trend? Fri, 19 Jan 2018 05:40:01 -0500
    This article originally appeared in Motley Fool.
  • Which Cryptocurrencies Have The Fastest Transaction Speeds? Fri, 19 Jan 2018 05:10:02 -0500
    This article originally appeared in the Motley Fool.
  • Manhattan DA Raids Newsweek Media Group Office In Long-Running Probe Thu, 18 Jan 2018 23:52:44 -0500
    This story was originally published on Newsweek.com Investigators for the Manhattan District Attorney raided Newsweek Media Group's offices on Thursday, removing 18 computer servers as part of a long-running probe into the company’s finances, according to witnesses.
  • Cryptocurrency Guide: What Are They And How Are They Valued? Thu, 18 Jan 2018 13:56:21 -0500
    This article originally appeared in the Motley Fool. By now you've probably heard about the cryptocurrency craze. Either a family member, friend, neighbor, doctor, Uber driver, sales associate, server, barista, or passer-by on the street, has probably told you how he or she is getting rich quick with virtual currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or one of the lesser-known 1,300-plus investable cryptocurrencies.
  • Warren Buffett And Bitcoin Predictions: How Berkshire Hathaway CEO's Words Impact Markets Thu, 18 Jan 2018 13:22:00 -0500
    When Warren Buffett talks, people tend to listen. The billionaire is one of the wealthiest people in the world and is considered one of the most successful investors of all time—a fact that may be concerning for those who are all in on cryptocurrency, as Buffett is decidedly not.


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