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Google’s Antitrust Fight With Europe

Poshhub Delightful Mall - October 31, 2016

Google is in a fight with Europe's antitrust officials and the stakes are high for both sides.

Google said that its search engine is designed to provide the most relevant results and most useful ads for any query. But not surprisingly, the company’s detractors — small European start-ups, some local politicians and American heavy hitters like Oracle — do not agree.

If found to have breached the region’s rules, Google faces fines totaling up to $7.5 billion, or 10 percent of its annual revenue, and may be forced to change how it operates in the 28-member bloc. Read the full story on the New York Times.

It seems like Google search engine is preventing millions of websites and contents from regularly appearing in its search results. People can complain to the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission.

Google is trying to stop website owners from using common sense methods to promote their websites. Google is preventing Americans from supporting their families with affiliate programs that promote American companies.

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